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Golf for Gamers. The Game for Golfers.

The golf-inspired deck-building game, Duffers is based on how the rest of us non-professionals play golf. We hook the ball, we slice it, we end up in the trees, but every once-in-a-while we hit that perfect shot that keeps us coming back for more. More punishment, that is.

As with traditional golf, the objective is to finish the course with the lowest score (# of Strokes). Only in a round of Duffers, Players get to set up their own course, choosing up to 9 Holes from the 18 included with the game.

Gameplay is all about building the perfect "bag" or deck -- each Player opens with the same starter deck. Every turn is a new hand and a chance to purchase Clubs, Crew, and Equipment from the Pro Shop or attempt to complete a Hole. Fun fact: you can finish the Holes in any order, which is important because any Holes not completed by the end of the game is marked as triple par on your score card.

The game ends when one Player finishes the course or the Pro Shop runs out of cards. The only thing left to do is add up the scores, crown the Duffers Master for this round, and plan your next tee time.

Never the Same Twice

With 100s of cards and non-linear play (you can finish the holes in any order), Duffers is a new experience every time you tee off.

Custom Playmat Available